Tuesday, July 12, 2011


When did you first start liking country music?  I've always liked country music but the past couple years I've really became interested in the historical aspects of it, too.
Who's your favorite female artist? Loretta Lynn
Who's your favorite male artist? Johnny Cash
Favorite band? Currently it's The Band Perry.
Favorite country duet? Do the Judds count?  Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn.
Where do you come from? Indiana
Can you sing/play an instrument? I can sing...but no one wants to hear me. It's bad times. :)  I can't play an instrument.
What was the first country album you bought? Album, as in LP?  My first LP was Barbara Mandrell: I'll Be Your Jukebox Tonight.  My first country cassette that I remember was sadly Billy Ray Cyrus: Some Gave All (with the infamous Achy Breaky Heart).  My first CD was a country gospel by Barbara Mandrell called He Set My Life to Music.
Favorite country song? This is impossible to narrow down.
Least favorite country artist? Sugarland or Rascal Flatts.
Favorite country album of all time? Van Lear Rose (Lynn).
What kind of country do you like: old, new, poppy, rocky, bluegrassy: Old
Do you know a lot about country music? ....Um. You could say that. ha! I'd like to know more, though.
Do you watch CMT? Sometimes I watch the Top 20 Countdown.
Do your friends know that you like country music? Yes.
How many country concerts have you been to? Quite a few, I couldn't estimate the exact number.
Ever been to the southern states? Yes.
Last country album you got? Roger Miller: All Time Greatest Hits
Would you go live in Nashville just to be close to country? Yes and I have.  I was just in downtown a couple weeks ago.
What is the last country song you listened to? Waymore's Blues (Jennings).
What was the last country concert you went to? Brad Paisley.
Do you have a country ringtone? I have two.  One is Get Rhythm (Cash) and the other is Honey Bee (Shelton).
How many country songs are there on your iPod/Mp3 player? 605/1292.
Have you ever been to a rodeo? Last year at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.
Do you consider yourself a country music addict? Not necessarily an addict but I do enjoy it.