Monday, June 27, 2011

If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away

God love 'em.
"I'd ask Hank why he took those pills back in '53
And Janis to sing the second verse of "Me and Bobby McGee"
Sit on a cloud and visit for a while
It'd do me good just to see them smile
If heaven wasn't so far away."
-Justin Moore
-"If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away"

This past week I was able to visit the graves of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash in Hendersonville, TN. After searching for what seemed like forever in the already humid morning heat, we finally found their markers.  They died four months apart and are laid together at the Hendersonville Memory Gardens Cemetery.  A boot spur had been left on Johnny's marker and several guitar picks were scattered about, also.  Other graves were also located directly near them.  Click the photos to enlarge.

"Rosey" Nix Adams, daughter of June Carter and second husband Edwin Nix.  Found dead in 2003 on a bus from apparent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Dale Maphis, son of guitarist Joe Maphis and singer Rose Lee Maphis.

Joe Maphis, known as the "King of the Strings" and specialized in playing the double-neck guitar.  He greatly admired Mother Maybelle Carter and was himself adored by Johnny and June.  This is the reasoning for him being buried next to them.

Sister of Johnny Cash.

Anita Carter, youngest daughter of Ezra and Maybelle Carter and sister of June and Helen Carter.  Helped write "Ring of Fire" and had the original recording of the song.  When it wasn't a hit for her, Johnny recorded it.  She died at the home of Johnny and June where she was receiving hospice care.

"Mother" Maybelle Carter, mother of Anita, June, and Helen, wife of Ezra.  A member of the original Carter Family.  Died at age sixty-nine due to poor health.  Inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame with the Carter Family in 1970.

Ezra Carter, father of June, Anita, and Helen and husband of Mother Maybelle. 

Merle Kilgore, co-wrote "Ring of Fire," "Wolverton Mountain" and "Johnny Reb."  Manager for singer Hank Williams Jr.  Died from congestive heart failure.

And also at the cemetery, although not near the other graves was Ferlin Husky, a singer with over twenty Top-20 Hits.  Died on March 17, 2011 of congestive heart failure.

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  1. Also in the same cemetery are the graves of Helen Carter (Mother Maybelle's oldest daughter), Ezra Carter (Maybelle's husband), Luther Perkins, Mr & Mrs Ray Cash (Johnny's parents).